On Nov 27, 2006, at 5:46 PM, Binkley, Peter wrote:
> You've got enough flexibility in the way you
> set up your Lucene index, and Lucene search results give you access to
> the term weights for each hit,

It does?

> so you can tell which fields actually
> matched.

You can?

I'm curious how you're doing that!  Especially with Solr in the picture.

> There would probably be a lot of optimizations you could do within
> Solr
> to help with this kind of thing. Art and I talked a little about
> this at
> the ILS symposium: why not nestle the XML db inside Solr alongside
> Lucene? Solr could then manage the indexing of the contents of the db,
> and augment your search results with data from the db: you could get
> full records as part of your search results without having to store
> them
> in the Lucene index.

There has been discussions in the Solr community about having hooks
added to allow Solr plugins to pull data from external sources to
return with search results.  I don't think Solr itself is the entry
point to these external systems, as that seems to couple things a bit
too much for my tastes, so I think you'd still want to manage the
external data source separately from indexing into Solr, but having
hooks for Solr to return hybrid results could be just the ticket here.