On 11/27/06, Kevin S. Clarke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> WebDAV and catalog records.  Have there been any code4lib proposals
> along these lines?  I'd vote for that.

And if I get around to writing the voting module, I'd make sure you
could vote for that one twice...

Seriously, please don't get hung up on the 'proprietary'-ness of
Lucene's query syntax.  It's open, it's widely used, and has been
ported to a handful of languages.  I mean, why would you trade off
something that works well /now/ and will most likely only get better
for something that you admit sort of sucks?

And I agree with Erik's assessment that it's better to keep your
repository and index separated for exactly the sort of scenario you
worry about.  If a super-duper new indexer comes along, you can always
just switch to it, then.  I've done both (store everything in Lucene
and just index in Lucene -- or, rather, Ferret) and I think the latter
is much more sound approach.

By the way, Bess, count me in.