Hey Andrew,

Yes, I agree.  eXist is a very enticing database (despite being in its
infancy still).

Have you had a chance yet to evaluate the 1.1 development line?  It is
supposed to have solved the scaling issues.  I haven't tried it myself
(and remain skeptical that it can scale up to the level that we talk
about with Lucene (but, as you point out, it is trying to do more than
Lucene too)).

I'd be curious to hear if the 1.1 development line is any better than
the 1.0 line.  Or should I wait for your code4lib talk?  :-)


On 11/28/06, Andrew Nagy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Kevin S. Clarke wrote:
> > By the way, I see a very interesting intersection between Solr and
> > XQuery because both are speaking XML.  You may have XQueries that
> > generate the XML that makes Solr do it's magic for instance.  This is
> > an alternative to fulltext in XQuery, sure... it is something that is
> > here today (doesn't mean I'll stop thinking about tomorrow though).
> There is a good intersection, but if you look at the roadmap for eXist
> (native xml database) they have many of the features that solr offers
> (im still in the process of setting up solr so I am not too indepth with
> the features yet).  eXist is basically an attempt at this intersection.
> Too bad it's just too damn slow and still in it's infancy stages.
> Andrew