On Nov 28, 2006, at 2:14 PM, Kevin S. Clarke wrote:
>> My only point is, it's a whole lot easier to refactor your
>> application
>> to benefit from a different indexing engine than it is to export all
>> of your data out of something, potentially remodel it to work in
>> another.
> I'm not talking about touching data at all.  Using a standard should
> mean it doesn't matter what you put your data in.  XQuery will work
> with a relational database as well as with a native XML database as
> well as with a file system.  The point with a standard is you
> shouldn't have to refactor your application just because you want to
> change a component on the backend... you shouldn't have to care
> whether you are storing in Oracle or MarkLogic.

Is there a standard for specifying how textual analysis works as
well, so that tokenization can be standardized across these XQuery
engines as well?

>> I suppose it all breaks down to how much work you're willing to
>> invest
>> to keep up with the Joneses (after all, you could just stay with
>> Lucene)
> I'd agree with Gabe... it doesn't have to be use Lucene or keep up
> with the Joneses.  I'll make my prediction again... once XQuery has
> standardized on a fulltext syntax, someone will implement it using
> Lucene.  If it hasn't happened in five years Ross, I'll buy you a
> beer.

That's an easy bet... of course Lucene will be part of it.  It's
already implemented as extensions to XQuery engines (Nux, I know of,
and surely others).