Thom Hickey wrote:

> Ralph LeVan here at OCLC has worked on an SRU interface to Lucene.

The combined indexer/SRU approach is the tack I've been taking
regarding search too.

I don't care a whole lot whether I use this indexer, that indexer, or
the other indexer as long as I can make sure I have an SRU, OpenURL,
Z39.50, etc. interface to the index. This will always allow me to
swap out the an older indexer for a new one as they become available.
BTW, the SRU Perl module on CPAN work with Lucene quite nicely, as
well as swish-e, Plucene, and Kinosearch. Through the Perl ZOOM
module I will be able to use Zebra as well with the Perl SRU module.

When it comes to a storage mechanism, I flip-flop between saving
things to a database and then writing reports against the database
feeding them to the indexer, or using only an indexer. Furthermore, I
flip-flop between using a native XML database to contain my content
or a relational one. I know there are advantages and disadvantages of
all the choices, but at least it is good to have choice.

Eric Morgan