I like the idea of playing with what the
customer/patron will see.  The display, that
is.  Harry Potter is good.  But I'd like to
suggest a made up creature:

The Furbur Wars by Manifest Work

It is part of two series : like the Thomas Covenant series

That it has a "The Hobbit" type prequel, not quite
in the series, but patrons should be told about it.

It can be found bound individually, or included in the entire series.

It has the large print, movie (DVD and VHS), talking book (
abridged and unabridged), how the movie was made photograph book....

Many books about the book  (literary criticism)

Let's try and make this as hard as possible.  Once we decide
what we should then show the patron/customer who might send
a single isbn to OpenFRBR, then we can talk about the DB structure
that might do things behind the scenes...

What do you think?