I realize I'm not terribly objective on this matter, since I came up
with ReservesDirect, but I'd honestly be surprised if you found a
system more comprehensive and robust.

I don't know how easy it would be to sync with your III catalog, but I
sense it must be doable in some way.

Although I don't know what Emory's reserves process is anymore, when
ResDirect was first written, all circulating reserves were still done
in Unicorn's reserves module (it was just more efficient that way) --
we ran report a couple times per day that gave us the bib numbers of
the things on reserve and ReservesDirect would grab the full bib
record via Z39.50.  My guess is that would translate to any ILS with
Z39.50 support.  It was also capable of putting things on reserve
through the Unicorn API, but reserves staff didn't like it as much.

And that was convenient for the reserves staff and all, but the
fax2reserve feature was a real crowd pleaser with the faculty.  Same
with the Blackboard integration.  Well, and the fact that faculty can
edit their own reserves lists.

And it's seriously gotten much better since I left :)

It makes me look at Eres (which we pay for here at Tech -- and was the
inspiration for RD) and realize how pitiful it is.


On 11/2/06, Kristina Long <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> At SFU the reserves requests by profs and the staff processing of those requests
> is currently a mix of paper and online processes.
> We are interested in going as paperless as possible and as such are
> looking for a reserves management system that would handle both
> electronic items and print items and is integrated
> in some fashion with our ILS (ie. III).
> So my question is what open source reserve management systems are available?
> Two I've found are ReservesDirect which looks promising and OSCR which does
> not look like it is being developed currently.
> Is anyone aware of others?
> I'm looking for software that was developed to handle both print and
> electronic materials.
> Kristina
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