And ideally make the editing functions accessible via APIs as well, so
that e.g. if I edit an item in Zotero in such a way that captures
FRBR-relevant information, Zotero can shoot off an update.


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Right, but CDDB is mostly about retrieval, not editing. OpenFRBR needs
to embed its *editing* functions within something else, don't you think?
Certainly, once it has data, it should offer itself via APIs like xISBN
and thingISBN.

PS: "Desktop home cataloging software" Bah! ;)

On 11/2/06, Jonathan Rochkind <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> William Denton wrote:
> > On the site, I say what it might look like in a few months: "A
> > person grabs a book off the shelf and enters the ISBN into OpenFRBR.

> > OpenFRBR checks all available sources [...]
> My suggestion for an even better scenario: A person grabs a book off
> the shelf, and enters the ISBN into an application they use for
> dealing with books.  (LibraryThing, Desktop home cataloging software,
> professional cataloging software (!), firefox extension, local library

> web page, or the OpenFRBR web site itself). The application contacts
> OpenFRBR behind the scenes and checks all available....
> Think of the way the CDDB works.
> Jonathan