On Nov 1, 2006, at 11:56 PM, Tim Spalding wrote:
> It seems to me this functionality should be embedded in other
> applications-LibraryThing, for example, or WorldCat, or really any
> library catalog. How about popping OpenFRBR data up whenever you're on
> a page in Amazon, a la (and perhaps integrated with) LibX, etc.?

It does make sense to start with some data. I like the idea of producing
something that's will be separable from the data, though. It would be
nice to have a tool that was usable in two ways: 

1) a catalog maintainer (e.g. systems librarian) could "apply" the
OpenFRBRization to their catalog.
2) An individual could use OpenFRBR on catalogs they encountered on the

I'm not sure why you'd want to "pop OpenFRBR data up" on Amazon pages.
The bookburro model is appealling, but Amazon itself is already somewhat
FRBRized through the "also available in" and "other versions and
languages" box.
I could imagine adding Open FRBR functionality to bookburro for the
OpenWorldCat link ONLY. For OpenWorldCat, bookburro could display
information about other editions, as well as the current Yes or No
indicating holdings of the particular item.What would that summary look
like? And where would it link to?
I like the edition/manifestation summary at Amazon, but I don't on the
linked work summary. The snippet works because it displays hardcover,
paperback, large print, then give a number of other editions. (Or "Other
versions and languages" for movies.) But their "work page" (e.g.
83068X/ref=dp_ed_all/002-6195591-3462464?ie=UTF8&n=283155&s=books )
forces you to *go* to multiple places, rather than pulling that
information in because it doesn't have as much information as you might
want. I think that the information display design will be really
important in leveraging FRBRization.

The weakness of LibX at the moment, is that it is library systems office
driven. As an individual user, I have to ask my library to make an
edition. So I would want the first attempts at OpenFRBRization to be
usable without LibX.
Jodi Schneider
Science Library Assistant
Amherst College
Amherst, MA