The Usability Working Group of the University of Michigan University  
Library is pleased to announce the launch of its new website,  
Usability in the Library:

The website is designed to provide open access to our reports and
working documents in order to share our findings within the UM
libraries as well as the community-at-large.

The new website features:
+ Reports on usability studies conducted from June 2005 - present. A  
select group of reports is available now, with more to be added as  
they are completed.

+ Bibliography of resources for general, library, and digital library  
related usability issues, including articles, books, and usability  

Active since 2005, the Usability Working Group guides and implements  
usability testing of the Library's web resources and services. This  
includes the Library's locally generated web pages and DLPS (Digital  
Library Production Service) resources, as well as customizable vendor  
supported resources, such as MetaLib (SearchTools), Aleph (Mirlyn)  
and SFX. This group works with the Library's Public Access Resource
Committee and Electronic Resources Steering Committee to set priorities
for usability testing of shared Library websites and services, with a  
focus on testing interfaces and concepts that are broadly implemented  
across the Library's web environment.

We hope that sharing our findings will benefit and inform others in  
their research.

Perry Willett
Head, Digital Library Production Service
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