Hi Peter,

It would be great to add links to the anthology wiki pages from

Someplace in the right-hand column, maybe?

I'll see what I can contribute to the project.

Glad you're working on this!


Jodi Schneider
Science Library Assistant
Amherst College Library

On Feb 13, 2007, at 4:12 PM, Binkley, Peter wrote:

> I've added a page to the Code4Lib wiki for the Anthology project, with
> subpages for candidates for the '06 and '07 anthologies. The main page
> has a list of proposed criteria for inclusion; feel free to add or
> edit.
> I'll continue to flesh it out as I have time. If no one nominates my
> rsinger bio, though, I'm outta here.
> Peter
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> On Feb 9, 2007, at 4:32 PM, Binkley, Peter wrote:
>> Well jeez, even if you get the selection done you've still got to do
>> the naming contest and the CIP.
>> At Dan's suggestion I'm moving this to code4lib instead of
>> cod4libcon;
>> see quoted message below. Do others agree it's worth trying to get
>> this done in, like, the next two weeks, so as to have physical copies
>> to show at code4lib? I'm willing to act as an editor if others will
>> too.
> I love this idea but have no time to offer between now and c4lc.
> If we
> don't have enough people to put it together so quickly, let's do it
> anyway over the coming months, because it's such a good idea!
> Then, next year, we can time it out more carefully to sync with the
> conference.  I'd much prefer to receive a hard copy of one of these
> (presuming we can price it low) than a t-shirt, or would buy it anyway
> just to support scholarships or whatnot.
> We could have a signing session at c4lc, too - everybody with a copy
> could get everybody with an essay in it to sign. :P
>    -Dan