Well jeez, even if you get the selection done you've still got to do the
naming contest and the CIP.

At Dan's suggestion I'm moving this to code4lib instead of cod4libcon;
see quoted message below. Do others agree it's worth trying to get this
done in, like, the next two weeks, so as to have physical copies to show
at code4lib? I'm willing to act as an editor if others will too.

Snipped from the message below is the science bloggers' anthology, done
on the same basis and pulled together in three weeks:


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On Feb 9, 2007, at 12:15 PM, Binkley, Peter wrote:

> It's probably too late for this year, but how about trying to put this

> together for next year: pick a few of the best blog entries from the
> previous year from the code4lib community, enough to fill a few dozen
> pages at least, and release them as a book on or one of the
> other print-on-demand services.

Three thoughts:

1) cool idea!
2) why is it too late?  we could still do it for 2006.
3) we could start up a wiki page *today* with nominations for 2007's
second annual edition, and anybody could just add a link/title/author
name when they read something they like
4) should this conversation happen on code4lib-list instead of the
conference list?

(No one expects the spanish inquisition!)

5) we would definitely need to identify editors to assemble and

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