I am a presenter, and I opt in.

--Joan Starr

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Videos of presentations?

Based on an appeal from Rob on IRC, who won't be able to attend code4libcon, I've got about 12 hours worth of MiniDV tapes and will bring my camcorder along.

It would help, though, to know if the scheduled presenters are okay with appearing on video. I don't want to pressure anyone into being videotaped if they're not comfortable with it, so I only plan on taping a session if the presenter opts in ahead of time. I haven't figured out anything along the lines of subsequent storage and distribution of this content post-conference, either... it's just a last-minute idea that might make sense for those who were unable to attend this year (Brad, Peter, and undoubtedly many others). For the presenters, it might be useful for CV / whuffie credits, too.

Any thoughts? Is this a horrible idea?

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