Great! Well done you guys.

I notice Oregon uses Innovative's Millennium OPAC.  We have this product too.

How do you get the data from that into LibraryFind's database, screen-scraping?

Also, can you tell me how it indexes your subscription databases.  Do you just point it at the URLs for these databases and allow them to be indexed by LibraryFind somehow?


David Kane
WIT Libraries

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With apologies for cross-posting

Comments are welcome.

Oregon State University releases LibraryFind® software

We are pleased to announce the first public release of the LibraryFind
metasearch software, developed by Oregon State University Libraries.
LibraryFind is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License

This first public release, version 0.7,  has a number of advanced features,
such as (but not limited to):

* 2-click user workflow (one click to find, one click to get)
* Integrated OpenURL resolver
* 2-tiered caching system to improve search response time
* Customizable user interface

As this is a pre-1.0 release, there are still a number of features,
functions, and efficiencies we plan to add to the software. We encourage
involvement from others in the library community who are interested in
working on an open source metasearch product.

More information on LibraryFind, including information on how to download
and run the software, can be found at

About Oregon State University: OSU is one of only two U.S. universities
designated a land grant, sea grant, space grant and sun grant institution.
OSU is also Oregon¹s largest public research university, garnering more than
60 percent of the total federal and private research funding in the Oregon
University System. Its more than 19,000 students come from all 50 states and
more than 80 countries.

-- jaf

Jeremy Frumkin
The Gray Chair for Innovative Library Services
121 The Valley Library, Oregon State University
Corvallis OR 97331-4501

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