Yes, it would be ok to check this in with a copy of the license
alongside it - or even just a readme with a link to the license would be

The approach is a formulaic one, there are 10 records in there each
built up using the same algorithm. You can add these to a store of
legitimate marc data with very little chance of them appearing in search
results unless searched for specifically.

Taking just one field out of one record (in MarcEdit syntax)...

=027  \\$ara0271a1r ra0271a2r ra0271a3r$zra0271z1r ra0271z2r
ra0271z3r$6ra027161r ra027162r ra027163r$8ra027181r ra027182r ra027183r

Each subfield contains 3 tokens (words) for subfield a:

ra0271a1r ra0271a2r ra0271a3r

'r' at the start and end of each token is a padding character for
testing truncation, 'a' is the record type, '027' the field, '1' the
occurrence of that field, 'a' the subfield code, '1', '2', '3' the
occurrence of the token in the subfield. This allows all of the
truncation, word, phrase, completeness and position combinations to be
tested separately - with just one record coming back for each.


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> On Feb 9, 2007, at 3:58 AM, Rob Styles wrote:
> > Here's the set that I generated a while ago - it's quite big as it
> > covers the full Marc21 field and subfield set for bibliographic
> > records.
> > I'm releasing these under the terms of our Talis Community License.
> > (
> IANAL, so to clarify this license, would it be ok for me to check
> this into Solr's repository at Apache (keeping the license file
> alongside)?
> I'm not quite sure what we'd do with this data just yet, as it looked
> like gibberish at first blush, but looking at the document Peter
> linked to it is by definition supposed to be this way and not overlap
> with real data.
> > Would people be interested in a write-up of how we've used
> > RadioactiveMarc and automated tests to validate Bath and US National
> > Profile compliance?
> Absolutely.  This would certainly factor into my Solr efforts in
> crafting more automated tests.
>         Erik

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