On Fri, Mar 16, 2007 at 09:20:47PM -0000, Richard Wallis wrote:
> If a mix of video and screen capture could be achieved it would be
> great, but certainty of a successful result AND a fallback if it doesn't
> work should be part of the plan.

Agreed.  Video plus screen capture would be nice, but video of the
presenter and a copy of their slides to follow along with works pretty
damn well for me.

As far as trying to combine the two and sleek up the experience,
Columbia's SOA has a nice setup for this on their site (see for example).
There are some glitches in the timing, though, and I'm just not sure
it's worth the extra effort.


PS In a similar vein, when I don't have separately available slides to
follow along with, I find many of the Google TechTalks annoying.  It's
a lot of watching some not-terribly-handsome person refer to things I
can't see.  Having both video and slides is key.