nota bene... for anyone taking notes for "lessons learned to apply next
year," you may want to phrase those posting agreements as broadly as

As a speaker, I thought the conference was wonderful. Most of the
presentations were too techy for me, but we all knew that going in, and
sometimes being exposed to good ideas fore and aft of thirty minutes of
talk about coding is enough to get my brain rolling in new ways. I
returned to my own institution more committed to "vendor-frei"
approaches to information services, and also to more in-house
development. It turns out in addition to various pockets of expertise we
have one staffer who dearly wants to brush up her already extensive and
currently unutilized Java, Php, MySQL and other application skills...
amazing what you have when you look around.

So thanks for inviting me, and thanks for listening to what I had to
share. As you explore potential speakers, you might also consider
opportunities how an invitation to an "outsider" is also your ministry
to the non-coding communities. You know, the sublunary folk who commit
the resources and write the checks. ;-)

Karen G. Schneider
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On Thu, 8 Mar 2007 09:27:44 -0500, "Jason Etheridge"
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> On 3/8/07, Dan Scott <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > So, to stick with the letter of the license, we should
> > make the video available on first, then someone could
> > (under the CC-A-NC-SA license) repost it at the Internet Archive where
> > it can avoid being caught between a hammer and an anvil (*rim shot*).
> IANAL, but would it be enough to satisfy the wording if we simply
> linked to the videos on from  :)
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