> > I think one of our greatest challenges as a group is how to enable such
> ad
> > hoc involvement while not letting things fall through the cracks with
> too
> > little planning and forethought. I guess a part of it is making sure
> > everyone knows that there is no such thing as an "in" group that
> controls
> > everything. We are all code4lib. Just step forward and contribute. We'll
> > love you for it.
> > Roy

One of my favorite usability quotes is from Donald Norman ("The Psychology
of Everyday Things"): "Information is in the world." The less-fancy way of
putting this is "Write it down now, and you don't have to remember it
later." (This becomes more and more important for the aging brain... and
none of us have brains that are becoming any YOUNGER.)

I strongly encourage that the camping checklist for Code4Lib include
videotaping/podcasting permission forms and a general call for videotaping
support, plus post-taping support/uploading volunteers. I bet without much
effort or formality, you will always get at least two or three people who
are willing to bring camera, tripod, and a stack o' tapes. It was really no
big deal-if you own a camcorder, you know you're usually open to excuses for
justifying its existence, particularly if you're always eyeing the next
great thing :) .

While it was great that a couple of us brought cameras, I am VERY impressed
by the code4lib encoding team, who had those tapes transferred before the
conference was over, as well as the upload team, who is making it happen as
we write!! That's usually the stumbling block... and drives me nuts about
other conferences.

Btw, one reason I begged my own tape back is I plan to run it through my own
video software and lift off the sound track. I think I will come across
better as a podcast because in the video I'm Karen, The Talking Podium (uh,
maybe scrounge a box for us tiny people, ok? If you ever invite Liz Lawley
to speak, she'll have the same problem). Plus an mp3 is lighter-weight. But
I admit I enjoy watching myself on video. It makes for a very cool trip
report ("See this link") ;-)

Karen G. Schneider
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