I did dump the audio to MP3 though I didn't do any cleaning of the
audio and didn't optimize anything (128k, etc). The link is available
on the presentation page:

I could probably re-encode to a more optimized file if there is interest.


On 3/11/07, K.G. Schneider <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Btw, one reason I begged my own tape back is I plan to run it through my own
> video software and lift off the sound track. I think I will come across
> better as a podcast because in the video I'm Karen, The Talking Podium (uh,
> maybe scrounge a box for us tiny people, ok? If you ever invite Liz Lawley
> to speak, she'll have the same problem). Plus an mp3 is lighter-weight. But
> I admit I enjoy watching myself on video. It makes for a very cool trip
> report ("See this link") ;-)
> Karen G. Schneider
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