Or just ask the speakers to download, sign and send in a new form?

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> How about sending it to the Internet Archive?
> - David

That was a great idea that was also brought up before the conference, but the license that speakers signed specifically stated "Code4Lib Web site" as the destination place for the videos.

I understand that any resulting products may be made available on the web as part of the Code4Lib web site, under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
2.5 License (

I hate to be all formal and legalistic and stuff, but it would suck for Noel to be the target of a lawsuit from a disgruntled person a few years down the road. So, to stick with the letter of the license, we should make the video available on first, then someone could (under the CC-A-NC-SA license) repost it at the Internet Archive where it can avoid being caught between a hammer and an anvil (*rim shot*).


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