I have a number of things that are most written in SQL and Cold Fusion. I'll
send you a list once I arrive at work. You should try your question on the
VUG list as well.


Mark Ellis
Manager, Reference and Information Services
Richmond Public Library
Richmond BC

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Developments on top of VTLSs Virtua, iPortal and Vital

Hi code4lib

I would be interested in hearing about any in-house developments people may
have made on top of VTLSs Virtua IMS, iPortal OPAC and DAMS Vital.
We at the National Library of Wales are mid implementation and I have
already developed a number of small helper scripts and larger systems to
support our own requirements here. A search through the list archives did
not mention anything unfortunately. I'm just trying to get an idea of what
can and has been done by people to customise the suite to their individual

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