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If you're interested in copyright and digital libraries,
you may be interested in an open discussion session that was added to the
DLF Forum Schedule after the initial registration opened:

Sharing copyright information: Opportunities for collaboration
DLF Spring Forum, Westin Pasadena, Pasadena, CA
Thursday, April 24, 5-6 PM
Fountain Ballroom

Clearing copyright is essential for digital usage of most content from the past
century, but tracking down copyright holders, or determining whether particular
content is copyrighted at all, is now far too difficult and expensive. Moreover,
as libraries expand their reach into larger-scale digital collections and tools,
copyright research and clearance is increasingly redundant as well. This session
is an opportunity for interested parties to discuss possibilities of building
communities and systems for sharing and searching information about copyrights
and their holders, to enable easier clearance, digitization, and reuse of
content. Useful information can include copyright registrations and renewals,
contact information on copyright holders, and findings from copyright research,
including those relevant to "orphan works" or section 108 determinations.
Technical, organizational, and legislative possibilities are all fair game for

Stanford's recent announcement of their copyright renewal database for books
is one great example of such information sharing.  But there's a lot more
than can be done as well.  I invite interested folks to come and participate
in the discussion.

I'll be facilitating the discussion.  If you have any project or ideas you'd
like to let me know about beforehand, or if you'd like to participate in
any pre-Forum discussion, send me email.  If appropriate, I'll post
pre-Forum materials in a suitable public location.


John Mark Ockerbloom
University of Pennsylvania