During the Q&A portion of the session on "Developing a Digital  
Libraries Education Program"
at the Forum last week, several people indicated an interest in  
signing up for individual courses
within the Digital Library program at the Graduate School of Library  
& Information Science at UIUC
without actually enrolling in a full degree program.  GSLIS does  
offer non-degree students the
opportunity to take graduate-level courses via the Academic Outreach  
Community Credit program,
including courses offered through our LEEP distance education  
program.  Information regarding
the Community Credit program at GSLIS, including links to the forms  
needed to request enrollment
in a particular course, can be found at:

That page also contains links to the lists of courses which are open  
for community credit enrollment each
semester; for this summer, DL courses open for community credit  
enrollment include a course
on Digital Social Sciences being taught by William Wheeler and a  
course on Topic Maps being
taught by Patrick Durusau.  The courses open for community credit  
enrollment for Fall semester
haven't been settled yet, but you can submit a form requesting  
enrollment in a course for Fall now,
and the School will send out notifications in July as to whether or  
not we'll be able to meet that
request.  LEEP courses being offered this Fall that might be of  
interest to DLF members include:

       Biodiversity Informatics (LIS590BDL)
       Foundations of Data Curation (LIS590DCL)
       Digital Libraries: Research & Practice (LIS590DIL)
       Electronic Publishing & Information Processing Standards  
       Interfaces to Information Systems (LIS590IIL)
       Information Modeling (LIS590IML)

Feel free to send me any questions you might have about the Community  
Credit program or
the DL-CAS degree program.

Jerome McDonough, Asst. Professor
Graduate School of Library & Information Science
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
501 E. Daniel Street, Room 202
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 244-5916
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