The Library of Congress will be providing National Digital Information 
Infrastructure Preservation Program (NDIIPP) funding to Harvard , Portico, 
and the Stanford University Library to develop a next-generation 
architecture for JHOVE.  The goals of the JHOVE2 project are three-fold: 
(1) to refactor the JHOVE architecture and APIs in order to remove 
idiosyncracies of design and implementation, increase performance, and 
simplify the process of third-party extensions and integration; (2) to 
provide additional functionality, including a more generic plug-in 
mechanism, standardized profile and error handling, configurable validation 
criteria, and a more sophisticated data model that recognizes that a single 
(logical) digital object may be physically manifest in multiple files 
containing many independently-formatted bit streams; and (3) to implement 
modules in the new architectural framework to provide functions for format 
identification, validation, and characterization, symbolic representation 
of binary formats, format-specific editing capabilities, and preservation 
risk assessment based on technical characterization and the application of 
locally-defined heuristics and policy rules.

As a consequence, Harvard has posted the following position for a JHOVE2 


Digital Preservation Software Engineer
Harvard University Library, Office for Information Systems
Grade 57
Full-time, two year term

Requisition # 30446 <>

The Harvard University Library (HUL) is one of the great research libraries 
of the world and is committed to maintaining its excellence in the digital 
era.  The HUL Office for Information Systems (OIS) is engaged in a 
collaborative, multi-institutional project to develop a next-generation 
architectural framework for format-aware digital object preservation 
processing.  This work will build upon the success of the widely-used JHOVE 
tool for format identification, validation, and characterization, and will 
provide many new and improved features.  The resulting open source JHOVE2 
framework will be a significant component in the preservation systems and 
workflows of international digital memory institutions and programs.

Duties and Responsibilities

Working under the direction of the HUL project manager and in concert with 
external project partners, OIS digital library staff, and other library 
domain experts, you will contribute to the planning, requirements 
gathering, and design of the JHOVE2 system, and will be the lead developer 
responsible for HUL project deliverables.  These include the definition, 
implementation, and documentation of core Java APIs, interfaces, and 
classes to enable a flexible, extensible, embeddable, and highly 
I/O-efficient plug-in architecture.  Additionally, you will develop plug-in 
modules to perform a variety of important format-related processes, such as 
identification, validation, characterization, symbolic display, editing, 
and risk assessment.  You will also manage the project web site to provide 
timely public access for all deliverables and coordinate the evaluation and 
incorporation of project partner and third-party modifications and 
contributions.  All project deliverables must be executed to facilitate 
integration and interoperability with related international projects, 
systems, and processes.

Required Education, Experience, and Skills

A master's degree in computer, information, or library science, or 
equivalent experience is required, as is a demonstrated excellence in 
object-oriented design, design patterns, agile development methods, Java 
J2SE 1.5, XML Schema and XLS, usability and quality assurance testing, and 
system documentation.  Working experience with JHOVE, and an understanding 
of a wide variety of formats used for digitally representing still image, 
moving image, audio, geo-spatial, and structured and unstructured textual 
content is highly desirable.  Self-motivation, collegiality, enthusiasm, 
and excellent organizational and communication skills are 
necessary.  Familiarity with digital library systems and the concepts of 
long-term digital preservation risk assessment, planning, and intervention 
is desirable.

Harvard University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

For more information see Requisition # 30446 

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Digital Library Program Manager
Harvard University Library
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