I have a presention created on Apple's Keynote which I am trying to convert
to a video to upload and share.

I exported part of it to Quicktime, imported it in iMovie, cleaned it up a
little, then exported it again as a "CD quality" .mov file, and
uploaded it to YouTube.  It is pretty good quality in a small window, but is
blurry in the YouTube window.  It looks great as a .swf but I
can't find any place to upload a shockwave file.

The second part of the presentation has a lot more sound and animation,
which looks like it is going to require more work to get it all working
properly.  I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions about formats,
sites, setting window size, etc. I have access to FinalCut express, but I
thought that might be overkill.

You can see the first attempt at

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Carol Bean