I was a computer programming major in undergrad and couldn't get a job
anywhere but a library :)  I worked as the Web Assistant and Web Manager in
the library for 5 years before deciding to go to library school.  You learn
so much more on the job than you ever will in school - that is of course if
you make an effort to learn.

On the web note, a lot of what I learned I learned by doing, copying and
reading!  I did take one 4 day hands on class in programming PHP, but other
than that it was a lot of learning by doing.

I don't know if that was helpful - but that's the short version of my story.

Nicole C. Engard

On 7/24/07, Sharon Foster <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I'm a former embedded software engineer and a current library student,
> trying to get up to speed on all this Web stuff. This question is not
> part of any class project, but just for my own curiosity. How did you
> all come to be so heavily involved in this aspect of librarianship? I
> don't think it's being covered in most traditional MLS curricula, at
> least not in any hands-on way, although there are certainly some LIS
> programs that are getting into it in more depth than mine is.
> Were you a librarian first, who learned it via classes and tutorials?
> Are you a former software developer or web developer who moved into
> the library world? Or was there another path for you?
> Sharon
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