I just taught myself with the 2nd ed. of the Agile Development with
Rails book, and still found it both entirely satisfactory and
sufficient. I'd get the "Programming Ruby" (Pickaxe) book too, since you
want to know Ruby to work with Rails, of course.

Personally, I can't handle only having an electronic copy, I need a
print copy open on my desk next to my monitor for tutorial or reference.


Carol Bean wrote:
> I started playing around with Rails a couple years ago, then got
> sidetracked.  Now I have a project I'd like to put into Rails, and need
> to get back up to speed.  I have an electronic copy of the original
> Pragmatic Programmers book on Rails, but there are now several other
> books out (as well as a newer version of the PP book, I believe).  Any
> recommendations?
> Thanks,
> Carol Bean

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