kinosearch++  # for fast indexing and searching

Kinosearch is a set of Perl modules written against a set of C code
for indexing and searching. It mimics itself against the venerable
Lucene. See:

In conjunction with MyLibrary and Kinosearch, I am creating a
rudimentary library catalog. It currently consists of 250,000 MARC
records stuffed into a MyLibrary instance. I then export the records
and index them with Kinosearch. I then use a Perl-based SRU client to
search the Kinosearch index.

Kinosearch is pretty cool because it indexed my 250,000 records in
just over an hour. Searches results are speedy fast enough for me,
especially since it has to go through the SRU abstraction layer and
the machine is only running with 2 700 Mhz CPU's. Try (the temporary
and incomplete):

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame