On 24 Jul 2007, at 17:45, Sharon Foster wrote:

> I'm a former embedded software engineer and a current library student,
> trying to get up to speed on all this Web stuff. This question is not
> part of any class project, but just for my own curiosity. How did you
> all come to be so heavily involved in this aspect of librarianship? I
> don't think it's being covered in most traditional MLS curricula, at
> least not in any hands-on way, although there are certainly some LIS
> programs that are getting into it in more depth than mine is.
> Were you a librarian first, who learned it via classes and tutorials?
> Are you a former software developer or web developer who moved into
> the library world? Or was there another path for you?

I came from the engineer route.

I was a hobbyist all through my childhood. 8 - 16 bit era.
Found the internet in '94 and started learning HTML.
Eventually went to Uni to study Software Engineering, and developed a
deep interest in UNIX systems administration while there.
Worked a year in a web application shop.
Worked a year in local government doing a variety of DB and Web
backend tasks.
Now I've been in the National Library for 4 years as a software
Passed my RHCE
I have just started my Masters in LIS, but to be honest, I think I've
learned more from just working in a Library than I will gain from the

Now my work comprises of OO PHP5, Zend Framework, XML, XSLT, SOAP,
MARC, METS, Z39.50, and probably some OAI PMH around the corner.

I learn best by experience, but one thing my Undergrad degree taught
me is that people learn in vastly different ways. Just find out what
suits you best. If running a rack of heterogeneous  unix machines in
your spare room is your thing, go do it :) It worked for me anyway.
But some prefer to just read the manual from cover to cover before
ever putting finger to keyboard.

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