Hi all,

I was recently involved in a discussion about the mechanics of
running an open-source project over at Library Web Chic, and I've
come to the conclusion that for a project to succeed, it really needs
to have at least a small, dedicated community. A community of one is
no community at all ;-)

For the last few years, I've been in charge of running Libstats, a
small, GPL'd reference statistics tracking / knowledgebase project.
For a variety of reasons*, I'm unlikely to have a significant amount
of time to devote to the project ever again... and there are a lot of
things that could use improvement, ranging from squashing bugs to
improving documentation to adding features to answering support

So... here's my call for volunteers. This project is quite small
(<6400 LoC), PHP / MySQL-based, and seems to work pretty well for the
majority of its users -- it'd be a great place for someone new to
open-source project management to learn the ropes. I'd especially
like someone outside our university to have some ownership of the

Interested? Head over to --
that's where the party's at.

-Nate Vack
Wendt Library
University of Wisconsin - Madison

* Full disclosure: I'm also working on a hosted, closed-source
competitor to this project... so for me to stay solely in charge of
Libstats would be conflict-of-interest-central. That's not my only
reason, but it's a big one.