On 10/22/07, Jakob Voss <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I doubt that archiving weblogs is that complicated [1]! You need a
> harvester (partly implemented in many Feed-Reader), an archive (you
> could start with just saving validated ATOM-Files), an index (Solr?) and
> a reader (also already implemented in many Feed-Readers). I bet you
> don't need more then a medium size project with one or two developers
> and one or two years to create sustainable tools for basic weblog
> archiving. Such a project could be done by any larger library or archive
> that is able to get funding. It's not a lack of resources, it's a lack
> of visions.

I completely agree.  When developing software it's really important to
focus on the cleanest/clearest solution, rather than getting bogged
down in edge cases and the comments from nay sayers. I hope that my
response didn't come across that way.

A couple follow on questions for you:

In your vision for this software are you expecting that content
providers would have to implement RFC 5005 for your archiving system
to work?

Are you considering archiving media files associated with a blog entry
(images, sound, video, etc?).