Nice. So in SAP2, you can in fact list more than one author with
component elements seperated out (aulast and aufirst). But in SAP one,
you can't. rft.aufirst and rft.aulast (etc) are not repeatable in SAP1.
Which makes some sense, because associating a particular first name with
a particular last name would get hairy.

Thanks for the explanation.


Eric Hellman wrote:
> In SAP1:
> etc.
> In SAP2:
>        <rft:authors>
>                <rft:author>
>                        <rft:aulast>Hellman</rft:aulast>
>                        <rft:aufirst>Eric</rft:auinit>
>                </rft:author>
>                <rft:author>
>                        <rft:aulast>Rochkind</rft:aulast>
>                        <rft:aufirst>Jonathan</rft:auinit>
>                </rft:author>
>        </rft:authors>
> The two profiles we designed, as you say to identify a citation. The
> Z39.88 standard was also designed to be extensible. It was hoped that
> communities that identified other needs would design new metadata
> formats to address those needs, and then add profiles to the registry
> which would define how to make ContextObjects that conformed to the
> new profiles.
> On Sep 28, 2007, at 2:24 PM, Jonathan Rochkind wrote:
>> Can you tell me how to legally include more than one author name in
>> an OpenURL context object? I've been a bit confused about this
>> myself, and happen to be dealing with it presently too.
>> And of course no metadata format has 'all metadata fields', but the
>> interestingly point here is that while SAP1/2  does have a pretty
>> good set of elements  neccessary to _identify_ a citation (it's
>> intended purpose), it is missing a few really important elements
>> for a general purpose citation metadata format to be used for
>> anything in addition to identification. Multiple authors names
>> (seperated into firstname/lastname/etc elements) being one of the
>> primary ones important for just about any citation application that
>> _isn't_ limited to identification. Abstract being another useful
>> for a wide variety of applications.
>> It's a bit frustrating to me, because it seems to me that with just
>> a few added things, SAP1/2 _could_ be sufficient for a much wider
>> range of applications than it is now. Of course, maybe it just
>> seems that way, in the sense that no matter how much you have it
>> always seems like you need 'just one more'. :)
>> Jonathan
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>> On Sep 27, 2007, at 9:59 PM, Steve Toub wrote:
>>> A reminder that the data model for OpenURL/COinS does not have all
>>> metadata fields: only one author allowed, no abstract, etc.
>> That's incorrect; an Openurl context object may contain any number of
>> author names. (but not parsed author names).
>> And to be fair, there exists no metadata format that has "all
>> metadata fields".
>> Eric

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