OCLC's OpenURL Referrer is now available for Internet Explorer!
Previously available only for Firefox, this popular browser extension
inserts OpenURLs into Google Scholar and Google News Archive search
results.  It also detects and makes links out of web COinS, such as
those found in Wikipedia and

The extension can be downloaded for free at

OpenURL Referrer uses your institution's link resolver settings from
the OCLC WorldCat Registry, so there is no need to manually configure
the extension. Institutions can register their resolver in the OCLC
WorldCat Registry by visiting
institutions.  All institutions can register for free, even if they
are not OCLC member libraries.

The IE version leans much more heavily on the Worldcat Resolver
Registry than the Firefox version does. The reason for this is that
IE does not have a nice XUL-based way to make user interfaces, so we
instead rely on the Registry to do baseurl management. I hope this
proves to be useful.

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