precis of developments relating to google phone
speculation.  interesting, the thought that goog
might acquire sprint if it obtains the 700 mhz
spectrum bid.

"Wireless industry consultants and marketing executives with
knowledge of Google's plans say it has been showing prototypes
of a new phone to handset manufacturers and network operators
for a couple of months. Its plans have been kept top secret,
but Google is expected to tap a company on the Pacific Rim
that specializes in mobile design and manufacturing to build a
handset to its specs. Google could then apply its expertise in
operating software and user applications, says Paul Catalano,
a partner at consultancy RelevantC Business Group (RCBG).
Google officials won't talk about phones, and industry sources
don't expect one before the second half of 2008.

"Still, Google has made it clear it has an interest in wireless.
It is experimenting with wireless broadband networks in a couple
of U.S. cities. In August, CEO Eric Schmidt announced his
intention to participate in a federal auction early next year
of the sort of radio spectrum that would help pull off a phone

"So far only a few outfits in Europe and the U.S. have dabbled
with ways to serve up ad-based service. ... Networks and
handsets are only now getting sophisticated enough to deliver
colorful, location-specific ads. And Verizon (VZ ), AT&T (T ),
and T-Mobile have no interest in giving up their fat service

"That equation goes out the window, though, once you combine
Google's financial heft with its ultra-sophisticated ability to
target ads to specific customers. "The day is coming when
wireless users will experience nirvana scenarios--mobile ads
tied to your individual behavior, what you are doing, and where
you are," says Linda Barrabee, wireless analyst at researcher
Yankee Group."