It's not _exactly_ a library job -- it's actually for an archive of solar
physics data, but the concepts are rather similar.  (Federated search,

We're looking for someone to work on the web front end to the Virtual
Solar Observatory, as well as lead the development on a Google Earth-ish
interface to solar physics data.

The job is based at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

The official job description is at:

(I didn't write the description, so I wasn't involved with the confusion
between Java and JavaScript ... there might a Java UI later, but what we
really need is someone to work on web-based UIs.  The last sentance about
query services ... oddly looks like a description of my job, so I'm either
being replaced, or they're just sharing out my workload.)

The environment is incredibly laid back, so long as you deliver on your
projects and don't annoy your co-workers too much.

Joe Hourcle