Posting on behalf of the Aquifer Project, and project
director, Katherine Kott -

Aquifer had a great showing for American Social History Online
at the DLF Fall Forum in Philadelphia. Look for the presentations,
 "Realizing Benefits for Scholars" and the "Digital Library Community
through DLF Aquifer" after they are uploaded to the conference
page early in December.

The Aquifer Project is getting the SRU components in place for the
Sakai and federated search integrations, working on facets, fixing
bugs, adding collections, integrating asset actions more tightly,
planning the assessment activities, getting the word out. If you have
collections to contribute, please let us know!

As we continue development, we also continue to look for and
cultivate relationships with other projects and organizations in an
effort to leverage what we are doing for scholars and in the digital
library community. Our commitment to collaboration and to generating
useful services has inoculated us against "not invented here" syndrome.
In addition to the collection registry integration mentioned in an earlier
 post, the MIT Simile Timeline and a data normalization tool from the
 California Digital Library have also been incorporated in the portal.
This adaptive re-use mixed in with terrific energy, teamwork and focus
is what moves us along.

Follow the project at .