Hi folks,

I'm looking for what ought to be a straightfoward and easily-available
code example to copy from: an html form that narrows its search results
on the fly based on user input. I've had no trouble finding
form-autocomplete functions that help the user find a search term, but
I'm looking for something a little different. I want:

1. The textbox up here; user types content and the content of #2 narrows
2. A separate div with some fairly complicated entries based on the
search results down here in a separate div

Does anyone have some straightforward code for this? (I'm fairly certain
that Ch. 4 of /Ajax for dummies/ had a Google-search example of this,
but the sample code I downloaded for that a year ago has ceased
functioning, and I don't have the book in my possession right now to
re-download that book's examples.

And likewise: any favorite Ajax sites that give lots of examples + code?
I'm finding that to be less prevalent than I'd imagined...


Ken Irwin
Reference Librarian
Thomas Library, Wittenberg University