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         Subject: "Cyberinfrastructure & the
Liberal Arts" - Academic Commons special issue released today

Monday Dec 17, 2005

Academic Commons today released its December 2007 special issue
Edited by David L. Green (Principal at Knowledge Culture), the issue
is dedicated to the memory of Roy Rosenzweig (1950-2007), an
extraordinary historian who inspired a generation of fellow
historians and others working at the intersection of the humanities
and new technologies (

Cyberinfrastructure offers the liberal arts new resources and new
ways of working - with revolutionary computing capabilities, massive
data resources and distributed human expertise. How will students,
scholars, teachers, librarians, museum professionals and others
connect, use and contribute to these new capabilities? Will humanists
work collaboratively and produce new forms of scholarship "more
interesting than the book"? How will institutions change the way they
do business in putting cyberinfrastructure to work?

This collection of essays, interviews and reviews captures the
perspectives of scholars, scientists, information technologists and
administrators on the challenges and opportunities
cyberinfrastructure presents for the liberal arts and liberal arts
colleges. What difference will cyberinfrastructure make and how
should we prepare?

Table of Contents:

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