Roy's message to the web4lib list gave me a nudge that I should probably
subscribed to Code4Lib.  Then I had a meeting yesterday in which I was asked
to start working on a new project that would require that I do more library
specific development (I've mostly been developing applications for the
international agriculture community for the past few years).  The kicker
though was reading that Eric has decided to come over to the dark side and
has started to do some development in Java and I figured he could use some
moral support.

As a bit of an introduction...

I work at Mann Library, one of the 20 unit libraries at Cornell University.
   Albert R. Mann Library is the library for the College of Agriculture and
Life Sciences, thus my work in the Agriculture community.  My official title
is Programmer/Analyst Specialist, however for the past couple of years I
have served as the Technology Strategist/Systems Architect for our
department as well.  I develop web and standalone applications almost
exclusively in Java primarily using the Spring Framework and SOA practices.

I have been an active participant in the open source community primarily
with my association with JA-SIG for about six years.  I have been serving on
the planning committee for the upcoming JA-SIG conference (I'll have to see
if an announcement for it has been posted yet) and have been on the
committee for the past four conferences.  I've served as the (and webmaster for several years.

Prior to working at Cornell I worked in the corporate world going back 30
years, including 13 years at the Hewlett Packard workstation division (where
I set up their first TCP/IP network), but my first job in the electronics
industry was working on a production line building home Pong games at Atari.

I have been an active participant in the Usenet community since 1985.