On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 11:54:32PM -0500, Jonathan Rochkind wrote:
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>> Date: January 30, 2008 9:12:19 PM EST
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>> Subject: [prison-l] Library automation software
>> Greetings:
>> Last month there was some discussion here about cheap/free/
>> reasonably priced automation software for correctional libraries.
>> I am on a statewide committee which has just been formed to
>> research and recommend a software package to replace Athena
>> (formerly by Sagebrush, now Follett) in most of the correctional
>> libraries in Virginia.  After years in public libraries I am very
>> familiar with some of the big vendors, but they are simply
>> financially out of the question for our agency, not to mention web-
>> based.

I might be misunderstanding here.  Is their a limitation that precludes
web-based systems?  If so, that would cut down your options quite a bit.

>> I have looked at the websites for LibraryThing, Auto Librarian, and
>> ResourceMate, which were recommended here in the previous
>> discussion.  If you know of or have a circ/cat system that is
>> reasonably priced (or dirt cheap) and works well for you, please
>> share the information with me, with pros and cons if you like.  All
>> replies greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

I've recommended LibraryThing for similarly small libraries before.  It
handles the cataloging and browsing aspects quite well, but lacks any
kind of circ.  If you're looking for a full system I'd recommend Koha.
It would serve your needs very well, especially if you have any funds at
all to put toward a techie or two.  If you'd rather, you can pay Liblime
to host the system for a lot less than the big vendors charge for
similar services.