I apologize for the cross-posting (and re-iteration of some
information), but I want to spread this far and wide.

We're organizing a (currently informal) gathering of Evergreen(*)
users, enthusiasts, and interested individuals, during the Public
Library Association National Conference (March 25-29, 2008 in
Minneapolis, Minnesota).

This is what we have so far for a meeting date and location:  March
27, 2008 5:30pm-7:30pm in the Minneapolis Marriott City Center (exact
room to be determined)

Anyone is free to attend, but if you would, let me know if you plan to
do so we can be better prepared.  Also, if you would like to help
organize (or are simply interested), we have a Google Document for
collaborators that I've been adding folks to.  Just let me know if you
would like to be added to that as well.

Further information on this gathering will be disseminated via the
OPEN-ILS-GENERAL mailing list ( and
the project's blog (, so you all won't have
to get spammed by me again. :)


(*) Evergreen is an open-source library automation system originally
developed by the Georgia Public Library Service for its PINES program,
with the hope that others throughout the world would benefit from it
and help contribute to its development (which is indeed happening).

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