Hi all,

I thought I would send out another update on some of the social activities.  Hopefully most people got the email recently about a Haunted Tour.  If you didn't,  and are interested I've included the text at the bottom of this email.

We have only had a trickle of signups for the tour so far and if we don't get more conference services may end up cancelling it.  So try to sign up in the next few days if you're interested.

Some may remember earlier I was talking about the Shanghai Tunnel Tour ( and that this isn't quite the same one.  There was a miscommunication somewhere along the process and we ended up with this tour.  If anyone feels like they would actually go on that one but not the Haunted Tour let me know.

If you prefer eating and drinking to walking though, don't feel obliged to sign up ;).

Meanwhile, I'll be compiling a list of dinner places that have been posted at various spots and we'll try to start setting up ways for individuals and groups to let people know where they are planning on eating dinner.  (It's optional, but it could help us from flooding a place or at least not be surprised when it's full).  We'll hopefully have those up soon.

I've been asked to remind people about the breakout sessions.  For those who haven't attended previous years, breakout sessions are a pretty loose block of time where a group may gather for a more involved presentation, a group discussion, or create some piece of software.  Want to take on Casey Durfee and do a whole ILS in 250 lines or less?  Want to talk about Library 3.2?  See who can gather the most MARC records in the shortest amount of time?  Discuss the impact of archiving of valuable digital historical materials such as
Breakout (  Suggest them on the breakout signup sheet at

As a reminder, we've got some interesting lists for social activities created by volunteers:

Things to do, places to go

Some information gathered about size of certain places

A map of interesting spots

Till next time,

Jon Gorman

================== About Haunted Tour =========================================
 Interested in seeing a different side of Portland!  Let off some
steam after a long day at the conference by going on a spooky walking
tour!  Recognized by USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street
Journal, and Fox TV as the "Best City Tour".

Wednesday February 27 at 6:30pm.

For a complete description, visit the website at

There are only 25 spots available, cost is $20 per person.  Please
sign up using our registration system, payment will only be accepted
by Visa, MasterCard or Discover.