Greetings --

We are finally working on putting together a proper ERMS.  Our internal
structure is consortium-like, with member institutions able to buy into
our resources; so although we are a Serials Solutions client, it seems
their system is not capable of handling this.  I know from experience
that we've had to stretch the custom-name fields in the user display to
indicate which members have access to which resources.

We are following the DLF ERM report closely, at least in designing the
database, which is where we're at now.  My questions: firstly, are there
any other such projects going on out there?  I've looked at the HERMES
webpage [] which was helpful,
but it seems that they stopped releasing code with 0.1 who knows how
long ago.  The DLF report itself refers to that project.  My
pokings-around haven't yielded any recent open-source/other homegrown
projects informed by their initiative.

Secondly: would anyone out there be potentially interested in using our
ERMS if we would end up releasing it as open-source?  (FreERMS[tm]?)  Up
until now we have been steering towards a implementation-specific
database design, omitting parts of the DLF report prototype, but if
others are interested, perhaps it makes sense to extend it to include
other elements.

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!
Yitzchak Schaffer
Systems Librarian
Touro College Libraries
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