Hi William,

According to the book KEV format (defined here:
ttp:// the max occurrence of the isbn key is 1. I'm
assuming that by extension that means that the rft.<m-key> (i.e.,
rft.isbn) form is also limited to one occurrence. So specifying
multiple ISBNs that way is a no go.

You can however specify multiple referent identifiers. From the KEV
Context Object format matrix ( "Multiple
instances of rft_id do not indicate multiple Referents, but rather
multiple ways to identify a single Referent"

So I *think* what you could do is this:


Also, I'd be remiss not to point you to a more authoritative list for
OpenURL questions:
Although I'm sure there's plenty of overlap in interest/knowledge in
the subject between the lists.

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On Feb 17, 2008 3:14 AM, William Denton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I'm hep to the COInS scene now and am using it in some lists of books I'm
> generating.  For some of the books I know multiple ISBNs.  Can I include
> them all in one COInS span somehow?  Doing one individually makes my
> OpenURL Referrer extension clutter up the page with a lot of links.
> I looked at the specification but it didn't seem to cover this.
> only seems to want one one ISBN.  Putting multiple
> rft.isbn variables just makes the last one overpower the earlier ones.
> Any tips appreciated!
> Bill
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> William Denton, Toronto :