If I can add one thing, I know some sites have expressed interest in hosting. Please make sure if you did, that you still submit a "formal" (or at least as formal as anything we do is) proposal before the deadline.


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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Call for Code4Lib 2009 Hosting Proposals

Fellow code4libbers,

The Code4Lib Conference Planning group [1] is putting out a call for
proposals to host the 2009 Code4Lib Conference. Information on the
kind of venue we seek can be found at our web page on hosting the
conference [2].

The deadline for proposals is Wednesday, February 20, 2008 to allow
time for voting before the conference (which, it is hoped, will go
more smoothly than the talk proposals vote that yours truly sort of
bungled).  We expect to announce the winner during the Code4Lib 2008
Conference. You can apply by making your pitch to the Code4Lib
Conference Planning list [3].  May the best site win!

Do feel free to send this on to interested parties and other mailing
lists if you wish.


[1] Which consists of anyone on the [log in to unmask] list;
please feel free to
[3] [log in to unmask]