To everyone attending code4libcon in Portland next week - be advised
that the schedule is rounding into place, with some new additions you
might not have heard about if you're not on the code4libcon-list:

  - The schedule is up to date at:

  - The three original pre-conference workshops (Evergreen, LibraryFind,
Zotero) are all full up but should be great!

  - A separate KohaCamp will also take place Monday

  - For anyone not already attending the above, an unconference space is
set up for Monday, too

  - Happy Hours are scheduled for both Tuesday and Wednesday, and
everyone is invited!

  - A page listing proposed breakout sessions is available, please add
your ideas in advance to help us all decide which to attend.

All of the events mentioned above are scheduled to take place at the
conference hotel.  Links to more info about KohaCamp, unconference
space, and the breakout sessions are right inline on the schedule.

I'd encourage everyone attending the conference to consider joining the
code4libcon list.  You don't have to, but since we don't always make the
point of copying every important message to this list, you're less
likely to miss something.  And you're more likely to be able to help
ensure that this conference is the conference you want it to be!

Looking forward to seeing everybody soon, -Dan