I have added Karen's talk title and description to the schedule, FYI.

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> I see that there aren't links from the keynoter talks, so here's what I
> sent to Jeremy for my talk on Wednesday a.m.
> Title: R&D: Can Resource Description become Rigorous Data?
> Work is beginning to transform the eloquent yet arcane texts called
> "library cataloging records" into data elements that will play well in
> the Web. Beginning with the upcoming revised cataloging rules, called
> Resource Description and Access, a team of researchers is exploring the
> abstract model behind bibliographic description. Coyle will cover the
> philosophy behind the project and will discuss current progress and
> goals, as well as fears, risks, and even some confusion.
> kc
> Daniel Chudnov wrote:
>> To everyone attending code4libcon in Portland next week - be advised
>> that the schedule is rounding into place, with some new additions you
>> might not have heard about if you're not on the code4libcon-list:
>>  - The schedule is up to date at:
>>  - The three original pre-conference workshops (Evergreen, LibraryFind,
>> Zotero) are all full up but should be great!
>>  - A separate KohaCamp will also take place Monday
>>  - For anyone not already attending the above, an unconference space is
>> set up for Monday, too
>>  - Happy Hours are scheduled for both Tuesday and Wednesday, and
>> everyone is invited!
>>  - A page listing proposed breakout sessions is available, please add
>> your ideas in advance to help us all decide which to attend.
>> All of the events mentioned above are scheduled to take place at the
>> conference hotel.  Links to more info about KohaCamp, unconference
>> space, and the breakout sessions are right inline on the schedule.
>> I'd encourage everyone attending the conference to consider joining the
>> code4libcon list.  You don't have to, but since we don't always make the
>> point of copying every important message to this list, you're less
>> likely to miss something.  And you're more likely to be able to help
>> ensure that this conference is the conference you want it to be!
>> Looking forward to seeing everybody soon, -Dan
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