Just to keep interested folks up to date, the DLF ILS Discovery
Interface Task Force [1],[2] has released a second draft of an API
recommendation that will hopefully serve as a first step toward more
standardized integration between the ILS and external discovery
applications. (The first draft went out to the DLF community in early

Terry Reese and I (both task force members) will be presenting on this
topic next week at code4lib [3], and hopefully also hosting a breakout
session on Wednesday inviting feedback and comments on the draft. We're
looking forward to insight from the library development community on
workable functions and standards and ideas about how we can actually
create these types of open APIs for our ILSs.

Since we can't really cover the nuances of a 43 page draft in a 20
minute presentation, we invite you to peruse a copy of the draft [4] on
the plane so you can point out all the sections where we didn't get
things quite right (or got them quite wrong). We are also soliciting
feedback from the broader library community [5] , so feel free to post a
comment on our wiki [6] or send an email to us [7] if you won't be at
code4lib this year.


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Emily Lynema
Systems Librarian for Digital Projects
Information Technology, NCSU Libraries
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