> It's an excellent point. The resolver's knowledgebase needs to know
> which issn a vendor has bundled content under, and ideally will be
> able to access that content no matter the issn/eissn in the OpenURL
> metadata. I'm thinking of a particular vendor that uses issn in the
> url syntax, but without a knowledge, it's hard to predict which issn
> is the one they use!

Knowing which to put in the URL should be a knowledgebase issue since
data indicating which ISSN to use as well as holdings should be
available from the vendor.  If the vendor doesn't provide this data,
there's no choice other than to pass all searches to the DB, --
definitely a suboptimal solution.

However, there's no rule that says a resolver can't learn these things
on the fly (and if there were, this could be dismissed as a dumb rule
that should be ignored). The first time someone connects to a title,
multiple connections can be opened to determine preferred ISSNs as
well as any holdings indicated on the target site.

Once the "good" ISSN and holdings are remembered along with
nonpreferred ISSNs which are still useful because they could be passed
in a citation, it should only be necessary to open a single connection
except in those cases where multiple connections are necessary.

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