On Feb 4, 2008, at 4:12 PM, David Fiander wrote:
> Actually, the idea of using AJAX to create a way to add and remove
> limits diagonally is exactly what U Virginia's blacklight interface
> does, although with a slightly different interface:

David - that is not accurate.  Blacklight doesn't use Ajax anywhere
currently (that I know of, and not for the basic search/browse/facet
functionality at least).   The only place I had Ajaxed it was with as-
you-type suggest, but we took that out fairly early on in the Solr +
Flare + MARC project, before it was even Blacklight, to avoid that as
a performance issue as we were toying with the faceted UI.

Blacklight morphed over time to deal with facets differently, with my
first incarnation using server-side session scope to keep track of
the users query/browse/invert trail.  After I left, the next
developer to tinker with it moved that session state to the URL, to
make it all bookmarkable:

<>  (and that is very horrible URL, IMO, and
deserves a refactoring to be readable and hackable)

But, no Ajax in the mix currently, not even for as-you-type
suggestion.   You can see the suggest feature built into Solr Flare
in action here, if you know a Japanese character or two: <http://>


p.s. I enjoyed the OLA tech trends session on Saturday.  How's
Blacklight look on your cell phone?  :)